Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time to blog!

So you know when you start a new project and your mind is completely consumed with getting it finished? Yeah, that was me when I decided LAST NIGHT to create a blog for The Tattered Trunk! I really had no idea what I was getting into. After about 10 hours and formatting, adding and deleting gadgets, and finally liking the way it looks I sat back and reveled in my success!

Without further ado, here is my first official Tattered Trunk blogpost (insert cheering fans here!)

When we started thinking about starting this little project, my mom and I only really knew 2 things: we wanted it to be fun and we wanted it to be inspiring. We know how much we love to make things and create fun things, but also know that not everyone feels as comfortable with their creative juices as we do. After attending a wonderful workshop, we decided that we wanted to give our friends and their friends (and maybe even their friends) a comfortable place to come and feel successful, a place to meet new people and have a great time! The Tattered Trunk was born! Although we wrestled with the idea of opening a storefront, we ultimately decided that we wanted to start slow. But just watch, someday you will see our name in lights!

Our official launch date was just over 2 weeks ago and we have been completely overwhelmed by the support of our friends and family! Although we didn't give them too much information about what we will be doing exactly, they followed us anyway! We can't say thank you enough!

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