Thursday, July 10, 2014

The teacher in me...

Wow, it's been awhile! So much has happened since my last post! We had a couple of classes, I went to a bunch of different states and saw lots of amazing things! I love my summer breaks!

As the summer is quickly coming to an end, I started thinking about my classroom and all the things I want to do to it! For those of you who haven't seen my room, here's a peek at what I did 2 summers ago! 
My mom helped me paint this amazing map on my back wall! I still love it.... it's not going anywhere! However, lots of smaller things are changing! 

So, I started a craft project yesterday and finished it this morning. I created a 'teacher toolbox' for my desk area! I have one from last year, but I decided I wanted a new one. I headed to Lowe's for this organizer and spray paint. I chose white for this one! I also have my Chevron paper pad from Hobby Lobby! I got this bad boy on sale! $10 for over 180 pages of chevron patterns. I am seriously in love. 

Ok, onto the project. I first took all the drawers out of the tower and sprayed the front. I did 2 good coats yesterday and let them dry over night. Then I turned it over and did a coat on the back/inside of the tower. I wanted to make sure the ugly blue would be seen anywhere ;) I let that dry for a few hours, while I was getting the paper and labels ready.

I chose 6 patterns, and got out my handy dandy (and rather old) paper cutter. Although the cutting is easy, the measurements can be a bit tricky! I cut about 4 1/4" long and about 2 1/4" tall. I did have to do some trimming later, but that's a good estimate for now.  

After cutting all 18 (I really did all 6 patterns at once, cause my cutter is great!), I placed them in the drawers to see what patterns I liked where! Looks good so far!

Next, I made a lst of supplies I wanted in my toolbox and printed them out in a cute font. I did this on Google Docs and the font is 'Covered by Your Grace".

This next part was a bit time consuming. Because I wanted the labels to be small (so I could see my super cute chevron paper), I had to cut them by hand. If you have a smaller cutter, you can probably use it, but mine was too big for the small labels. When i finally finished cutting, I laid the labels out in the order I wanted them to be in my toolbox. 

Next, I just used glue stick to put the labels on the paper. I used one line of glue and placed the label carefully on top, centered. I had to do some trimming at this point as well. 

 Once the labels are on the paper, I used 2 pieces of scotch tape to put the whole thing in place. You can see that I did one piece on each side. The nice thing about scotch tape is that it is invisible and easy to work with. So, if it doesn't get in the right spot the first time, just move it!

 And here's my final product! I absolutely love it! Now, I really can't wait to get back into my classroom!

I hope you have a wonderful end of your week! Happy creating!