Saturday, April 12, 2014

Part 2 done!

Part 2 of my Changing Table Transformtion is complete! These drawers started out a simple, birch drawer.

After finding some awesome new hardware, I searched for a great pattern to add to them! I found this scrapbook paper and knew it was perfect!
I sanded the drawers down slightly, cut the scrapbook paper to fit the drawers. This took 6 12x12 pages because of the pattern. The polka dots had to match up! (Just a tip, always buy more than you think you will need when a pattern is involved.

I then pulled out some classic Modge Podge and went to work. I painted a thin layer right onto the drawer and place my first paper down, then added more Modge Podge and my second piece. Once in place, I added another thin layer across the entire surface.
Once dry, I sanded around the edges of the paper as well as across the top. This sanding took some of the color and some of the paper, but that's what I was going for! I love the worn look!
Next, I used a brown glaze to add a bit more dimension and aged look.
Finally, I was able to add the new hardware! I am completely in love! I can't wait to see what they look like on the final product!
Happy creating!

PS- Here's a sneak peek of the changing table so far!

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